Ballhawks is the story of the men who chase baseballs and dreams on the streets outside Wrigley Field.

For almost a century, an ever-changing cast of characters has patrolled Sheffield and Waveland, tracking down batting practice and home run balls that clear the bleacher grandstand. For the men who do it, Ballhawking has a unique and compelling draw: every so often, a ball leaves the bat of a major league ballplayer and clears the fence to land in the glove of a "regular" fan, making him - for that one instant - part of the game. While they’ll catch hundreds of balls in a given season, only one really matters - the elusive World Series walk-off home run ball.

Flash forward to 2004, where this iteration of Ballhawks continue the pursuit of baseballs and the struggle to overcome the passersby, real life and each other. But this year is different, because after decades of disappointment the Cubs are relevant again, and have a real chance to bring the playoffs to the North Side of Chicago. A looming bleacher expansion also threatens to change Ballhawking outside of Wrigley forever - making each ball that leaves the yard even more precious.

Ballhawks - The Movie
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